Digital marketing strategy for new restaurant

Are you looking for the best digital marketing strategy for your new launching restaurant then go through the entire article. Here are some tactics for you.

Digital marketing strategy We cannot deny the fact, marketing is essential for every business to grow properly. If you want to make your business profitable you must have to advertise your business as much as possible. You can do marketing your business by using different types of social media. In this article, I will provide information about digital marketing, how you can generate more traffic in your restaurant.

Facebook marketing

At this time Facebook is one of the big marketplaces and people use it to communicate with their friends and relatives or it can be said Facebook is a father of social media because it has one billion users throughout the world. Day by day Facebook is becoming a larger platform. You have to get the opportunity for it to grow your business. Here, I’m going to give you some tips that you can use to promote your restaurant.

Facebook page tabs

You should use tabs on your Facebook page to influence people to visit your restaurant page. The first 4 tabs individual are the main point, these are the tabs which presents on your Facebook front page. You can illustrate photos of food, locations, food deals and featured menu items in 1st 4 tabs on your restaurant page that will give it a gorgeous look. people can easily get the information, the overall idea of your restaurant. You have to make your restaurant page user-friendly where people will able to get all types of information about your restaurant.

Use as much as photos of your restaurant

You have to know that you are doing food business and it’s absolutely visual, take as much as photos of your restaurant food and share it on your Facebook page. You should know that majority shared posts on the Facebook are images, just pick this opportunity and share your food items in the Facebook, before sharing the photos make sure first you have attached lots of food pictures. Try to update food items frequently on your page.

Exclusive offers and group deals

To promote your restaurant business on Facebook you have to post some exclusive offers on your page to attract the people. Sometimes you can give your patrons social coupon promotions to influence your fans to share your Facebook page with their friends.

Geo-target your ads

Facebook gives you the opportunity to exact niche targeting. As a result, you can easily demonstrate your ads in a particular geographic location.

Embedded videos

You can easily embed videos in your Facebook post and a video is always cooler than other types of post to attract people. If you have a video about your restaurant cooking or how a popular dish is cooked in your restaurant, you can upload those videos to your Facebook post.

Instagram sharing

Instagram is one of the best social networking sites and it is very popular for the photo-sharing platform. You can create an Instagram profile to share your restaurant food photos because a massive number of people use Instagram to share their photos, you can generate huge traffic on your website from this platform. Here I’m going to provide the information about Instagram marketing, how you can generate people in your restaurant website that can really help you to grow your business.

Use hashtags

Instagram has a huge number of hashtags, you should select the trending hashtags to escalate awareness about both your restaurant and your profile. Post as much as possible delicious dishes photos and add multiple food-related hashtags.

Use niche hashtags

To find your restaurant in a quick way tries to use some specific hashtags. You should add geographic-specific tags that will really help the people to find your restaurant location. Remember, Instagram is a mobile social site, you have to use a mobile phone to use this site.

Photos of menu items

I said above Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, you should take this opportunity to post some scrumptious photos of your menu items. You should update your photo gallery regularly to attract people.

Employee appreciation

Take some photos of your staffs who are working for your restaurant and appreciate them for their work. It could be your staffs, a cook even if a busboy, post their photos on your companies official Instagram feed if it is possible to add some short description about them. You can use these photos to illustrate that you value the people who are working for you, working for your company. Besides, you will able to create a great workplace for your employees as well as this thing will represent your company to the public, your restaurant is a fun place and people will get positive messages that really inspires the people to visit your restaurant.

Photo contest

People love to participate in a photo contest, as an owner, you should take this chance to advertise your restaurant. You should arrange a photo contest with a gift card that will inspire the people to take part in the contest. I think it is one of the best ways to engage the customer with you, your menu items and restaurant. When people will participate in the competition surely they will think of it because they will want to know they win the competition or not. Arranging photo contest is one of the best methods to let people know about your restaurant. Try to make the best use of it.

Twitter marketing

Twitter is one of the outstanding marketing tools for your restaurant. It will play a key role to grow your business. I’m going to give some tips about twitter marketing. Try to follow every step effectively.

Include a link to your menu

At the time of tweeting, you should add links, it will give you followers further action to take. Try to include some scrumptious food items link in your every tweet that will be easy for your followers to dine with you.

Add photos of your food

Even though Twitter is the text-based social site but you should attach some photos in every update that really help you a lot to get more followers on the twitter, you should remember more followers means more marketing that really crucial to generating traffic into your business establishment. That’s why I prefer to add some delicious food photo to your tweet.

Social coupons

It is one of incredible digital marketing strategy to promote your business through coupons and discount and it’s a successful part of the marketing at this time on the social platform. Try to offer something in a discount price for your patrons or launch a group offer appetizer absolutely free that really inspire them to share your group with their friends and it will be beneficial for you to generate people in your restaurant.

Publish Dynamic Content

Content marketing can help you to promote your business. The effective content about the food niche that you publish, Google will rank your content for similar keywords. If you are able to provide unique and attractive content that will attract people, they will share the article with their friends and they will come back again to read more interesting content. Try to write quality content that really attracts your audiences and people will know about your restaurant.

Email newsletters and SMS updates

You can send interesting promos and deals at your new launching restaurant to the customer via email and text message. Before sending the email or text SMS to make sure your email is interesting. Don’t send any boring email to your customer.


You have learned many things on how to use social media to promote your restaurant business. There are many other tactics that you can use to grow your business on social media such as you Youtube, Snapchat, Yelp, Wechat, etc. You can also use these social platforms to generate traffic in your restaurant.

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Digital marketing strategy for new restaurant
We cannot deny the fact, marketing is essential for every business to grow properly. If you want to make your business profitable you must have to advertise your business as much as possible.
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