Best 10 cuisines in the world that you should’t miss

Well. if you love to travel around the world as well as love to taste different types of food then you should not miss the best 10 cuisines in the world.

best 10 cuisines in the worldScrumptious food is prepared around the world and every country has its own traditional cooking style and history. I’m very happy today because in this article I will demonstrate the world best cuisines. Hopefully, you will enjoy it.


China is a well-known country around the globe for traditional food and rich history. Delicious foods are the main attraction in China and they follow the different cooking style to prepare their food. Now it’s time to introduce the most popular traditional dish in China whose name is Kung Pao Chicken.

This traditional meal is very famous for Chinese people as well as overseas people and it is very easy to make in a short time. To prepare this popular dish they use diced chicken, dried chili, and peanuts. You will get this traditional dish most of the Chinese restaurant through the country.


If you are the only one who loves eating very much, you should go to Paris to eat different types of traditional food. Paris is very popular around the world for its ancient cooking style as well as it has a rich history.

Beef bourguignon is one of the most popular traditional meal in France. This popular dish is cooked with beef broth and seasoned with garlic, mushrooms, herbs, and onions that really makes the dish delicious.


Spain is very popular for many things particularly football, stunning coastlines, the siesta, traditional food and so on. I’m going to give the information about the healthiest and renowned Spanish cuisine whose name is Tapas.

This traditional dish vary region to region and you can enjoy different types of Tapas in Spain and it’s not a particular food you can enjoy this dish anytime during the day or night. Tapas are part of the Spanish culture and tradition.

To prepare this dish there are many ingredients such as garlic, chili, tortilla, and calamari are mixed to make it scrumptious. Finally, it is served with sauce and a chickpea.


Like many countries, Japan has many traditional dishes. Here I’m going to introduce Japanese Sushi and Sashimi. Which is a popular food inside and outside of Japan?

There are many elements are used to prepare this dish such as fishes, vegetables, seaweed, and rice vinegar mix. You have to use chopsticks to hold the piece of Sushi.

There are many favors are used to make this dish tasty. You will able to get a different type of flavors such as tangy, creamy uni and plum. This popular dish is served with spicy, sauce and radish.

Greece cuisine

Ancient Greece is very popular for its traditional meals. It has a rich culture and food habit. Eating in Greece will fulfill your expectation to take part in their ancient history.

Greece is very popular for its Taramasalata which is a traditional dish. This creamy pungent is love a colossal number of people. This traditional dish is prepared with fish roe mixed, olive oil, lemon, dry bread onion, and potato.

Thailand cuisine

Eating on the streets are the main attraction in Thailand. In Thailand, there are many facilities to eat the best quality food on the street. Here, I’m going to introduce the most popular traditional dish in Thailand whose name is Som Tum and it is a kind of spicy salad. It’s a very renowned food in Thailand.

There are many ingredients such as garlic, chilies, beans, tomatoes, and raw papaya are used to prepare this tasty dish in Thailand. This dish is very common and available through Thailand.

Mexican cuisine

If you are told that you have to eat food only from one country throughout of your life. You should choice Mexico. Undoubtedly, you will never bored.

According to the anthropologists, the Pozole is one of the prehistoric and traditional dishes in Mexico. Nowadays this traditional dish is available in three versions such as chicken, pork, and vegetable.

This historical dish is prepared from hominy corn, herbs and spices and it is served with lettuce, radish, and onion.

United States cuisine

The hamburger is one of the most popular dishes in the United States. Americans love to eat a hamburger. They will have a different type of idea where to find tasty hamburger through the country.

If you want to eat the best hamburger in the United States you must have to go to New Haven which is identified the birthplace of the hamburger. The hamburger is a quick dish. It will take only 10 minutes to ready.

There are some ingredients such as pounds lean ground beef, salt, pepper, Kaiser rolls, and butter is used to prepare the dish.

Finally, this popular dish is served with ketchup, pickles, and onions. If you are looking for the best quality hamburger in the United States. You should go to New Heaven, they will serve you the best quality hamburger.

Italian cuisine

Italy is very popular in the world for its traditional food items since the 4th century. Pasta and Pizza plays a crucial role in Italian culture and tradition. If you are looking for a simple dish Italian cuisine will live up to your expectation.

Italian food is prepared simply with a few ingredients but they provide outstanding quality. If you are a food lover you should not miss pasta and pizza during their vacation, both items are very delicious, basically, these two iconic traditional dishes reflect the Italian history and tradition on the globe.

Pasta is cooked with eggs, pecorino cheese, guanciale which is a kind of Italian meat and black pepper.

When it comes to pizza, at first I want to introduce Margherita because it is one of the most popular dishes in Italy. This pizza is very simple but it so delicious dish.

This popular dish is prepared with olive oil, garlic, basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella. So when you will go to Italy, you won’t miss it.

Indian cuisine

India is a country which is located in South Asia. It is very famous around the globe for its spicy cooking style. There are many ingredients are used in the Indian cuisine to make it tasty.

There are no restrictions for spice usage as long as it outcomes in something scrumptious. The important thing is that Indian food is influenced by religion especially Hindu and the fascinating thing is that Indian cuisine mirrors eight thousands year of history that’s really rich. Indian cuisine uses different types of ingredients such as spicy, sour, sweet as well as hot at the same time to make the dish tasty.


Food represents the cultural heritage and most of the country around the world has own cooking styles. Many countries throughout the world are very famous for their incredible and ancient cooking style.


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Scrumptious food is prepared around the world and every country has its own traditional cooking style and history.
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